Mohammad Abdul-Wali's They Die Strangers: A Stylistic Approach to Translation


Translation is an act of re-reading, re-phrasing and re-creating the original text for the readers of a foreign language. During the process of translation, the translators often insert subtle and minor changes in the view of their understanding of the text and of the expectation of the readers of the foreign language. The following study seeks to find out such revisions of غرباء يموتون] Yamotona Ghoraba] and the consequent impact on the text. The analysis is conducted from the methodological perspective of Translation Stylistics. The study argues that the translation has revised the original text on several grounds such as structure, information, theme, semantics and lexicon. The structural modification affects the dramatic motivation of the text which is built over three divisions of the Aristotelian plot, i.e. beginning, middle, and end, and fails to register the rising and falling action of the story in the target text.


Khaled Nasser Ali Al-Mwzaiji


Mohammad Abdul-Wali, stylistic translation, They Die Strangers,Ghoraba Y