Coyote in Geiogamah’s Coon Cons Coyote and Two-Rivers’ Coyote Sits in Judgment


The trickster is a character that inhabits the myth, folklore, and oral literature of many cultures and civilizations, and it takes many shapes. The coyote is one of the trickster figures in Native American cultures. It is found in oral Native American literatures, and then found its way into Native American literature by modern Native American writers. This paper attempts to shed light on the trickster, Coyote, in Native American drama, an area, in the researcher’s opinion, which received much less attention in comparison to poetry and novel. The paper focuses on two plays, Hanay Geiogamah’s Coon Cons Coyote and E. Donald Two-Rivers’ Coyote Sits in Judgment.


Raad Kareem Abd-Aun


coyote; Native American drama; Geiogamah; Two-Rivers